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Our Team

From Maryland to North Carolina, Brenco's Landscaping team provides services to over 2000 facilities and homes. We provide exceptional landscaping service that leaves your property as healthy as it looks good.

From preventing access for termites and other pests, to safety and health, good landscaping isn't just about curb appeal. Curb appeal is an added benefit to proper building maintenance.

Per Location


Brenco Solutions understand that your properties are not all alike. That's why we provide customized landscaping service plans based on your needs for each location individually.

Real-Time Reporting

As with every service, Brenco Solutions offers real-time reporting so that you can see when we showed up and when we left with timestamped photos of the work performed.

Seasonal & Extended Contracts

Enjoy a hassle and worry-free experience by signing up for our seasonal contracts. If you love our landscaping services, speak to your project manager about an extended service contract today!


All of our services are custom built to meet your needs. From seasonal cleanups to full property management, we have the team for you.

Click the link below to find out more about Brenco Solutions' landscaping services today

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